Facebank will Eat your Pennies Like Real!

I was never realized about this facebank until one of my friends sent it to me. My reaction to it is pretty unbelievable actually. Sawing the cute little face gulping coin each by each, plus the sound effect that has turned this Facebank into a realistic coin muncher.


This version of Facebank is the largest one. Created by Banpresto, the large facebank is now one and a half bigger than the original size. Which mean you can save more coins and force the damn face to chews like crazy.

Well, perhaps this is not the efficient method to deposit coin, and I would prefer to get a conventional piggy bank instead because I can throw a coin in faster. However, if you are the type who has got a lot of time to waste or love unique stuffs, this Facebank might be just the stuff you are looking at.

Facebank really does what it’s supposed to do – a bank with a face that takes any change you feed it. Designed by Japanese designer Takada and shown on TV, this is the world’s first interactive bank that can “eat” up to 30 500yen coins (quarters, etc). The eyes of the FaceBank are actually sensors. Activate the FaceBank by waving at it and it will eat your coins! A great gift idea to freak out your guests. Available only in Japan in blue, red, and white. Another gizmo first available from AC

Facebank is sold for $79.99 at AudioCubes. Go there and grab one if you want it.

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