Revomaze Extreme Puzzle to Destroy your Weekend

Wanna make your weekend a hellish day? Try getting this Revomaze Extreme Puzzle and see if you can solve it or not. Require geek mind to solve it so it’s suitable for mind tickling and best item for those who have no schedule on Sunday.


If you’re searching for a conundrum wrapped in a riddle of obfuscation then we have a fine enigma of a puzzle for you. The Revomaze Extreme Puzzle is one of the finest crafted, most entertaining puzzles that we have had the pleasure of delightfully torturing ourselves with… and here at ThinkGeek we really know a great puzzle when we see one. Individually milled from a solid block of metal, the Revomaze features an internal labyrinth full of dead ends, traps, and one way paths you need to navigate to remove the metal core and solve the puzzle.



Product Features

  • Devilishly difficult puzzle challenges you to solve the internal labyrinth
  • Individually milled from a solid block of metal
  • Precisely engineered for smooth mechanical manipulation
  • Remove the inner metal core to solve the puzzle and win
  • Internal maze features dead-ends, traps and one way paths
  • Easily follow your progress towards the solution. No cheap shots, only raw challenge.
  • Three different difficulty levels of puzzle to choose from
  • Tests your brain as well as your manual dexterity
  • Imported from the UK
  • Solve the puzzle for a chance to enter a live competition and win cash

You can own this Extreme Puzzle for only $119.99 at Thinkgeek.

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