Cool Blue Illuminated Speaker and USB Hub Combo

Are you one of the glowing stuffs lover like us? If so, you might fall for this cool glowing speaker with USB hub.



Guess what, this cool blue glowing speaker is another great creation from Brando. The shape of this USB speaker is pretty similar with the previous capsule speaker with added functions.

The size of this Cool illuminated speaker/USB Hub combo is pretty small and compact, so the speaker can be conveniently stuffed it into your laptop bag and carry it effortlessly. Of course, the sound quality will not as good as the dedicated speaker system, but at less it could be a beautiful speaker that you can use it to expand your USB port in case you are using a netbook with minimum USB port supplied.

Overall, the USB hub has 3 USB ports, all USB 2.0 but it’s not recommended if you want to plug in an external USB hard drive. Head to Brando to get it for $14 if you are interested.

[Product Page($14) via Unplggd, GeekAlerts]

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