Cool Looking CX Swiss Military 20000FEET Watch with Hot Features

The latest CX Swiss Military Watch is dubbed as 20000FEET, not to be the next Happy Feet, this watch offers a serious features that will worth the money.


CX Swiss Military 20000FEET watch featuring water resistant up to 20,000 feet, which is equal to 6,000 meters deep, that’s impressive! The watch is aslo featuring 7750 Valjoux COSC, 28, 800 oscilations/h etachron regulator system, glucydur balance bridge, nivaflex mainspring and Antichoc with Incabloc shock-absorber. You should know those jargons if you are a watch-maniac. 😉

CX Swiss Military 20000FEET watch will cost you about €2998 because this stuff is coated in solid titanium case and bracelet. And of course, the price you pay it’s not only on the physical product, you will also pay for your high class lifestyle and satisfaction.

[via CX Swiss]

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