PSP Go: Lose Before Battle?


Tomorrow is the launching day of PSP Go, it seems like a good news, but it’s actually not for Sony. The problem is located on the overseas retailers that seemed to not stock the PSP Go because of the low profitability. They assume that without physical games for PSP Go, their revenue will drop to a significant level. So stocking other sellable games or console with high profit on their shelves is better than filling them with PSP Go.

So it looks like PSP Go is defeated before getting their hand onto the international market. Though the US market will have no problem at all, and you can obviously find this new version of PSP Go on this October 1st, which is a good news for local gamers whose fans of PSP, but it’s a bad news for overseas gamers who seems to have some sort of difficulty to get their hands dirty with this new handheld gaming gadget.

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