Your Bathroom Scale is Jumping onto the WiFi Bandwagon!

Believe it or not, this stuff is exist now. The newest bathroom scale has been equipped with WiFi capability. So this stuff is actually cleverer than the conventional scale. It’s not only capable of connecting to the web, the bathroom scale can detect who is the one standing and measuring by recognizing the weights.


This bathroom scale carrying the name of Withings WiFi Body Scale, the scale will transmit your weight, fat mass, body mass index data to your Withings personal page so you can calculate and measure your body condition.

If you are an iPhone 3GS holder, you can install the phone with apps titled as ‘WiScale’ so you can have the data transferred to your iPhone instead. The scale can recognize up to 8 users, and it won’t be a nuisance gadget in your bathroom because the design is pretty cool, mix with glass, steel finish.

Amazon has it, but no pricing available. If you need to get one for your family, you can go directly to WiThings site to get it for €129.

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