Alligetter Grabber LED Tool Looks like a Gun with Jaws

Alligetter Grabber LED Tool sounds like an Alligator equipped with LED head light that could help you pick up things that you’ve lost, but it’s actually not. Although it has the alligator icon, this grabber tool is looking like a long neck gun readies to slip into a small area unreachable by hands/fingers to pickup your dropped item.


It may, however, represent an Alligator because the end of the tip is shaping like an alligator mouth with shape teeth. To use it, just put it to the hole/small area, activate the LED to search and pull the trigger to pinched the lips and the alligetter Grabber LED tool will bite the target like no tomorrow.

Alligetter Grabber LED Tool is yours for $19.95 only.

[via NerdApproved]

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