LightHouse SQ7 Social Media Tablet for Facebook and Twitter

If you are an active social media user of both Facebook and Twitter, you are going to be so excited on this dedicated gadget that has been made exclusively for you to network like crazy.


This is the LightHouse SQ7 tablet carrying the name of the best social media tablet for Facebook and twitter. It has a 7-inch touchscreen supports 800×600 resolution, powered by Samsung ARM S3C6410 667MHz processor, 128MB RAM, and WiFi equipped.

LightHouse SQ7 Social media tablet provided 1GB of internal storage, up to 5 hours of continuous operation with the help of the 4,500 mAH rechargeable battery. LightHouse SQ7 also can recognize your voice command to navigate the gadget around. Pretty handy. You can see the video over here.


LightHouse SQ7 Social Media tablet will be available on October 7th for $249.

[via TechChee, Geeky Gadgets, SlipperyBrick]

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