Belkin Conserve Surge To Help You Save Energy


There is a fact that even a gadget that has been sent to its deepest sleep, they are still pulling some sort of energy from your power source. That’s why you should find a why to stop this kind of energy leaking to help you save energy.

Belkin recently created a power surge that could help you handle this task. They call it Belkin Conserve Surge protector, a surge protector that could automatically disconnect or cuts all of the power when the device has been plugged there for 11 hours with LED indicator.

But if you choose not to have the automatic disconnection feature for your important gadget such as laptop or netbook by plug-in your laptop to the provided two always-on outlets in the Surge protector.

Belkin Conserve Surge Protector is available at $35.

[Gizmodo and SlipperyBrick]

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