Pak O Bird Carriers – Carrying your Bird Made Easy

If you are a bird lover and you’ve actually pet one, this Pak-O-Bird Carriers will let your carrying your lovely pet easier than carrying by hand. The design of Pak-O-bird carriers looks like a travel bag, where you can piggybacked on your shoulder. inside you will find one roam space with food storage and horizontal wood where you bird friend can stand. There are three Model with three sizes available, depend on the size of your bird, the base price is starting at $129.99.


The Pak O Bird is totally remarkable! These innovative, soft-sided back pack style bird carriers can be carried in front of you or on your back.

Best Features:

  • Mosquito Proof Stainless Steel Mesh (optional)
  • Super Rugged Design
  • Can be secured in seat belts for use in vehicles
  • Collapsible design; Stow the Pak O Bird Carrier in a closet, luggage or under your bed!

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