Cowon UM1 USB Flash Drive Double as Pretty Necklace


Don’t Forget Me, a title tag which has been clearly written on this Cowon UM1 USB flash drive is trying to get the attention of its wearer. The purpose is to mask the USB flash drive into a cool label tag necklace when you flip it to the rear side. Cowon UM1 is manufactured for tech styling, I guess that’s very obviously.

The drive is fully coated in glossy gold and chrome black, Cowon UM1 flash drive is sized in 31x12x3mm only, which you can conveniently wear it without feeling any burden at all. Plus, the waterproof feature can help you to keep the drive from your sweat or even water splashes.


Cowon UM1 is available in various capacity choice such as 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. Sadly, Cowon UM1 is only available in South Korea. There is no luck for it to go outside reaching US market…

[COWON Shop via EverythingUSB, TechFresh]

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