Table Saw Cake Knife: Cut the Cake, The Carpenter Way…

Wanna have some type of new method of birthday cake cutting? Try this naughty cake knife that I believed will launch a big laughter from your friends and family and of course, bring a joyful party to your home. :)


Our Table Saw Cake Knife is the perfect accessory for your kitchen tool belt. It’s big and toothy so you can slice and dice your lettuce without discoloring it and show that cake that you really mean business! Aren’t you feeling handy already?

How to use it? Of course, you’ll have to express out your carpenter skill to serve the cake to your fellow friends. Use the toothy saw to cut the cake, push-pull-push-pull until the cake split into pieces. Oh, well, you don’t have to put efforts as much as sawing a wood, but it’s practically the same.

This table saw cake knife will cost you a mere $7.99 only at PerpetualKid.

[via GearDiary]

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