HP Envy 13 Slim Laptop Reviewed

Good news for those who waited for the in-depth of the sexy HP Envy 13 laptop. Engadget has done a great full review over this chic looking laptop that promises 18-hours of battery life.


To give you some teaser from Engadget’s Review, below is my personal summary.

The news about long hour battery life seems to be just a hype – a super hype because the real practice give much less hours even the ‘slice battery’ has been installed. The Keyboard is cheap feel due to the slightly loose plastic clack of them.

However, HP Envy 13 Laptop did have a promising screen with impressive brightness, ultra-rich color, and slightly better than the common WXGA LCD. It has been equipped with a cool hybrid audio jacks/microphone jacks, and the palm rest is cool enough to let you rest your hand there.


Overall we’re very conflicted about the Envy 13. Hardware wise it’s one of our favorite laptops ever, but the trackpad almost destroys all of that good will built up by the other elements — no matter how great a laptop is, if it’s painful to interact with on the go (without an external mouse), what’s the point? We also have to say that Windows 7 doesn’t make this laptop crazy delicious in any particular manner. It’s certainly a better OS than Vista, but it’s not so much better to make it a huge selling point in our book or a lure for folks who don’t normally walk the Windows path, since many of the traditional pitfalls are still present. All we can say in summary is that we hope HP manages to update the trackpad drivers very, very soon, and that other PC manufacturers steal a bit from HP’s and / or Apple’s in other respects, since it seems to be working.

You can read the detail of HP Envy 13 Laptop review at Engadget.

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