Wii Fit Plus is Now Available

The Wii Fit has been upgraded to the Wii Fit Plus with lots of features added. Wii Fit is the most popular Nintendo peripheral which has been selling like made reaching 8-million units purchased by U.S. consumers alone. The Wii Fit Plus has two items, the software and the balance board. With the Wii Fit Plus, you can input the amount of time you want to spend on their workouts session and the sofware will do the adjustment and suggest you the suitable activities and games.


Building on the revolutionary Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus with Wii Balance Board offers a variety of fun ways to start you down the path to a happier, healthier you. This exciting new fitness experience lets you shape your workout to your specifications with a multitude of customized routines, including the option to create your own personalized workout. With an array of new activities to choose from, Wii Fit Plus gives you even more choices for establishing an effective workout that will help you look and feel good.

Wii Fit Plus lets you craft a routine suited to your personal fitness goals. Combine yoga and strength training exercises to create your own personalized routine, or select one of a variety of mini routines tailored to address specific fitness needs. Use the included Wii Balance Board to perform 15 new and exciting activities that will have you leaping from moving platforms, hitting golf balls and more. You can even track your stats and those for members of your household by monitoring your calories burned, your BMI and other figures, as well as the weight of your baby or family pet. Plus, with the new multiplayer mode, you can team up with a fitness buddy to enjoy the fun and benefits of a Wii Fit Plus workout together. Enjoy 15 exciting new activities, including the Obstacle Course, where you’ll leap from moving platforms; Bird’s-eye Bull’s-eye, in which you’ll flap your wings and land on targets; and the Driving Range, where you can hit golf balls Work out with family and friends in a new multiplayer mode that lets you share the fun and rewards of getting fit. Monitor the weight of your baby or family pet in new Baby Stats and Pet Stats modes Integrate the included Wii Balance Board into your routine for interactive fitness fun For 1 to 9 players.

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