Dell Adamo XPS – Damn This is so thin!

Razor thin, this is obviously razor thin. Well, the latest Dell Adamo XPS is really mind blowing because of the thinness could slice the current slimmest laptop into two (In this case a Macbook Air). Dell Adamo XPS has been revealed yesterday and most the attenders has been hypnotized by its thinnest of just about 1cm!



Damn that’s super thin! I wonder how the inner view of this slimmest laptop. How did they manage to squeeze the processor, board, hard drive and so on together?

No specification revealed yet so you now can do the guessing job by foretelling what’s will coming and the specs of this Dell Adamo XPS. I’m more curious about the screen that didn’t shown on the picture. Is the screen so thin that no one else could notice? Or Dell has used the super thin AMOLED layer technology to be the Adamo XPS screen? well, this is very interesting and worth to wait for…

[via SlipperyBrick]

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  • OMG! this is the thinnest laptop that I ever seen! I don’t believe with my eyes…

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