ioSafe’s Fireproof, Waterproof External Drive is not just a Promise!

Perhaps if you have been submerged yourself into the tech world you will know and heard about ioSafe external hard drive which claimed to have the most excellent fireproof and waterproof feature. Yes, this claim is not a hype and it’s actually a real promises!


The folks at SlipperyBrick recently running a testing project to this ioSafe Fireproof and waterproof external hard drive and the result was outstanding. They’ve the hard drive in the most dangerous condition and the drive seems to going through the test conveniently without damaging the precious data inside the hard drive.


Going from the BBQ griller with 600 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour and directly sunk into 5-gallon full water for 2 hour is considered as the most dangerous condition for most of electronic gadgets. However, ioSafe External hard drive seems to survive that test with minor damage on the outer case only.


You can read the full detail test done by the awesome geek at Slipperybrick by visiting their ioSafe’s Fireproof, Waterproof External Drive Tested article.


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