LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive

It seems LaCie has finally breakout of its black shell design by presenting to us their latest desktop hard drive called ‘Starck’.


This Starck desktop hard drive looks pretty glamour and chic. Carrying the surname its designer, Phillippe Starck, LaCie Starck Desktop hard drive introduces a never-seen intelligent customizable touch-sensitive surface feature that will responds to your touch, Starck signature LED and intuitive back-up software to save your day.



The LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive represents a collaboration between LaCie and world-renowned designer Philippe Starck, who designed our groundbreaking line of “Toaster” hard drives. This product underscores the importance of developing and creating products that are as functional as they are beautiful. One of the most remarkable features of the LaCie Starck is its intelligent touch-sensitive surface, which responds to your touch. You can fully customize the front panel of the LaCie Starck so that it opens the application of your choosing, depending on whether you use a short tap or a long touch. It’s easy to use and efficient. With its sturdy aluminum casing, the LaCie Starck is one of the most resistant and coolest choices on the market—its exterior provides a sturdy, reliable way to keep it from shock and overheating, making the LaCie Starck completely dependable.

The Starck Desktop Hard Drive is available in 1TB for $129.99 or 2TB for $249.99. The price might not as a good deal as their previous ‘black buddies’, you will pay more on its styling instead of its capacity if you plan to get this Starck model. Head to LaCie site for the shopping cart.

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  • Lsmith

    Interesting new hard drive with a touch sensitive surface feature. Overall, I much prefer Buffalo Tech’s external hard drives to LaCie. Buffalo Tech is innovative and priced right.

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