PlayBrick: The LEGO Stereo Headphones for LEGO-audiophiles

The PlayBrick or known as LEGO stereo headphones/ehp-cin40 is designed for those who have a double personalities where loving LEGO as much as hearing to their favorite song. So, this LEGO headphone is a perfect fit for those who have this type of addictions. Well, there is nothing wrong with the LEGO, you can even flourish the shape and feel by adding something that won’t be a burden to the earbuds.


LEGO headphones has made 6 basic colors available starting from black, blue, pink, white and Red Mix. The manufacturer is pretty thoughtful by offering various kind of rubber fitting so you can adjust to your ear size.

Following is the detail specs of the Playbrick LEGO headphones:

  • Equipped with a slider to prevent wobble of headphones
  • Dimensions: width 13 × depth 25 × height 21mm
  • sound pressure sensitivity: 100dB/1mW
  • maximum input: 100mW
  • Driver unit: φ9.5mm
  • 1.2m cable length
  • Weight: approx 3g

There is no news about the availability and pricing yet. If you want to find out more and understand Japanese, there is a Japanese Press Release available at Elecom.

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