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iBike Rider Case for iPhone + Biker

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iBike Rider case is the new species of iPhone case that allow you to freely communicate through your iPhone while you are road running to your destination with your Bike. Ops, okay, it’s not really for bike rider. This iBike Rider case is for Motorbike rider who’s looking for the convenient of answering to their iPhone call without too many hassles.


This iPhone case is in a form of a hand mounted case, where your iPhone is stored in the transparent waterproof case, so you can still navigate your iPhone while stored in the iBike Rider iPhone case.

In the package you will also get one hands free kit that has come complete with mic and headphones. The case alone will cost you about $42, while if you need to get yourself the helmet + handsfree headset you’ll have to add another $85.


If you are interested you can find out more information and Gallery at ibike rider and So Easy GPS.

[via Coolest Gadgets, Gizmodo, Geeky Gadgets]
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