The Sharper Image Portable Speaker dock for iPhone

A new portable speaker for iPhone/iPod with dock station has been released by ‘The Sharper Image’ company. This portable speaker looks quite impressive and thin with foldable speaker and dual alarm clock with snooze features.



It has a low profile after fold it flat which allow you to store this speaker dock easily on the pouch / soft travel case and slip it into your travel bag. The speakers is featuring two 2.25inch speakers with 3w each. When you want to use it, just remove the carrying pouch, fold it to the L shape, dock your iPhone or iPod on the proper position and you tune the songs of your choices. The Sharper Image Portable Speaker System Dock require 4 AAA size batteries to work properly, but you can also use the AC adapter to draw power directly from your power outlet.


As I’ve mentioned about the alarm clock, you can freely adjust the time using the buttons located beneath the base. Pretty strange though, they should have placed it somewhere easy to reach so you don’t have to lift it up each time you want to adjust the alarm.

If you are interested, The Sharper Image Portable Speaker System dock for both iPhone and iPod is available for $99.99 at their official site.

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