Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game – $6,900 To Get One


If you are a bornrich guy who dislike the green grass smell of the Golf Course, you can stay at home smelling on the green carpet while playing on this machine made Golf game without burning your skin.

This Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game is a big boy game, and made especially for those who dislike Wii’s virtual golf mechanism hitting on the invisible golf ball. Provided, a rear golf putters and balls, one big 32-inch height-screen LCD display, where you will see the ball rolling on once you hit the ball.

When the ball rolls through the sensor, the program will calculate the trajectory and turn it to a virtual ball rolling in the screen. Of course this stuff won’t be exciting if there is no sound system installed. There are three speakers included to deliver the sounds effect and annoying supporter cheering on your losing balls.

This toy is going to cost you $6,900 + shipping fee to your home front. You also have to make sure you’ve got enough space to throw this toy in before placing your order…

[Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game via Ohgizmo]

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