Eco Lantern: The Warm-Hearted Ceramic Solar Sphere Lantern

Perhaps this is not the right moment to introduced a solar lantern because Summer has passed. But you can actually use it for your patio or garden as long as the Sun still shinning even in Fall or Winter season. This Ceramic solar sphere lantern could give you a warm-hearted, Japanese-style and nice to see lighting effects on your home. This lantern is very suitable to be placed beside the windows, where it could provide a dime lights without attracting too much attention.


The Green Glazed Ceramic Solar Sphere Lantern is a quaint solar light that is perfect for a conservatory, kitchen window, or any windowsill really. The lantern looks very much like its candle-lit counterpart, except without the need for candles. This means you don’t need to worry about finding eco-friendly candles, or indeed the fire risk from having lit candles around the home.

The lantern is a solar-powered gadget, doing its usual magic of charging up an internal NiMh rechargeable battery during the day, and running for up to 8 hours at night. The NiMh batteries are replaceable too, so you could charge up batteries in a standard battery recharger if you wanted to make sure your batteries were fully charged for a party.

These nice looking Ceramic Solar Sphere Lantern is yours for only £11.99 at GreenFingers.

[via EnviroGadget]

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