Make Upgrade Easy with Belkin’s Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7


If you think upgrading your Microsoft OS to the latest version (which is the Windows 7 that will release on this 22nd) is a painful work, now you can ease it up with Belkin’s Easy Transfer Cable. This transfer cable will help you transferring all your data (user account settings) from the old Operating system to the new one easily by connecting both end of USB port (run under 480Mbit/s) to the XP/Vista system PC and the new PC with Windows 7 installed.


The only downside is you cannot do the transfer if you are running on the same PC since it won’t work to connect both ends to the same host. The Belkin Easy Transfer Cable will be operated by a Software called Bravura which will be the notifier of the transfer progress. There is also a small LED on the cable (shown in the picture above) that could provide the rough status updates of the transferring progress.

This Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7 will be available in US market on October 23rd and is scheduled for Q1 2010 in Europe and Asia. But thanks to Gizmag, they have found it at Amazon and you can pre-order it for about US$33.

[via Gizmag]

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