Creative Sound Blaster Easy Record – Digital Media Conversion Made Easy

Creative launches the new Sound Blaster Easy Record that has the same functionality as Elgato Video Capture Gadgets for Mac. This Easy record gadget will be able to convert most of analog music from: Cassette tape, vinyl records, VHS, etc into digital format using the help of Smart Recorder software provided in the box.


To use Creative Sound Blaster Easy Record is pretty easy. You only need to install the software (and driver in case you are using the old OS), plug in the USB head into your PC/laptop USB port, and at the other end you will find 4 different port for different kind of analog connectors, such as the 3.5 audio connectors and RCA audio. Once connected, you can follow through the guidance on the software/application and smoothly transform your analog music into the digital version painlessly.

The Creative Sound Blaster Easy Record is priced at $34.95. Currently this product is not yet available worldwide. So you’ve to find it by yourself on the official site to see if your region have it or not.

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