ETACO EC900 Chinese-English Translator

Looking for a Chinese-English Translator? If you have seen the Trinvo Talking Translator and the gadget is still not sufficient for you, the next destination is on this ETACO EC900 translator because this ETACO EC900 Translator provides more detail database and Chinese-English Audio tutorials.

You can also call it as a ‘True Chinese Translator’ because with up to 562,000 entry English <-> Chinese massive Translating Dictionary and 14,000 phrases from 15-different topics, it can help you in the Chinese speaking countries so you won’t get lost even you don’t know a single Chinese word.


ETACO EC900 Chinese-English Translator Features:

  • Large 3.5” color LCD screen
  • 562,000 entry English <-> Chinese bilingual translating Dictionary
  • 70,000 English explanations with the WordNet Princeton English Dictionary
  • Unique User’s Dictionary lets you create personalized word lists
  • Advanced English and Chinese Speech Recognition
  • True Voice human pronunciation of all English and Chinese words and phrases
  • Pre-recorded word list provides access to spoken dictionary entries
  • Talking 39 Language Picture Dictionary with pronunciation for all words
  • 14,000 entry Audio PhraseBook for commonly encountered situations
  • Patented Language Teacher system with hands-free, eyes-free U-Learn™ Car Tutor
  • Unbeatable Word-of-the-day vocabulary builder
  • Full Text Translation functionality
  • Spell-Check, History and Slang Lock options
  • Large keyboard buttons with sound
  • Smart Virtual Keyboard with Audio interface
  • Vector Ultima™ spell-checker and English Morphofinder™ to help find the words you need
  • Customizable bilingual interface with support for the C-Pen/Ectaco handheld scanner
  • English Grammar, Irregular Verbs, Idioms, and SAT 200/5000 vocabulary builders
  • Linguistic Crossword, Pockets, Spell-It-Right, FlashCards, Hangman games and a Translation Test
  • Customizable translating jetBook Reader with FB2, TXT and XML file support
  • Video Player with .avi, .mp3, .wma, .wav, .ogg, .jpg, and .png. support; Voice Recorder; FM Radio

There are 7-tasty colors selection available for you to choose, Silver, Candy Red, Caribbean Blue, Colorado Gold, Brazilian Green, Antique Bronze and Asphalt Gray. All carries the same price tag of $380, There is a $120 price slashed because of their 20th Anniversary celebration deal (Limited time offer). So, if you need a reliable personal translator while visiting Chinese speaking countries, this ETACO EC900 Chinese-English Translator might be your best travel companion.

[via Winarco]

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