FleXpeaker: The Flexible Thin Speaker by Taiwanese Company


We have seen one in the past, the one presented by Warwick Audio Technologies if you remember. Today as the time flows, another company has created their own version of thin speaker with added feature. The company ITRI which based in Taiwan introduced their ‘FleXpeaker’ which is a flexible and thin speaker where you can bend it to a certain allowable state without distorting the original sound’s quality. Check out the following video for more detail:

The paper-thin flexible loudspeaker utilized paper and metal layer as the material and printing for production. It will pioneer a new era in speakers and the electronic sound industry. Aside from upgrading traditional speaker industry, it can be extended to the revolutionary Memo card, thin-sheet MP3 innovative applications, and can be integrated into energy-saving buildings, electric vehicle, entertainment and medical application. Coupled with the needs of humanized, mobilized and personalized for daily living, it will also bring along with new type of technology products.

Certainly interesting. If the researchers can combine both thin display from HP or Samsung with this FleXspeaker into a paper thin dimension, the future with entertainment wallpaper is highly possible!

[via TheCoolGadgets]

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