iRiver N20 MP3 Player Debuts in China

iRiver has launched their latest MP3 Player in China market which is known as N20 that has a double purpose to serves as both music player and cool necklace.


iRiver N20 featuring 128×56 PMOLED display and iRiver Extreme Sound Engine or IESE. This is certainly a new Jargon that floating in the blogosphere recently. The IESE is a sound enhancement technology to give you more precise and accurate sounding effect, while the PMOLED is the variant of AMOLED display, which stand for Passive Matrix OLED. More detail in the FYI quote.

iRiver N20 MP3 Player will support MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, OGG, and WAV files. Quite a good range of supported files, the iRiver N20 has a small dimension of 26×55.5.13mm, weighs in 35g only. You can find it on two size of 2GB and 4GB.

FYI: PMOLED Display on iRiver N20 MP3 Player

[…] With Passive-Matrix OLEDs, the display is controlled by switching on rows and columns. When you turn on row number x and column number y, the pixel at the intersection is lit – and emits light. Each time you can choose just one pixel to light. So you have to turn these on and off very quickly. You do so in a certain sequence, and create the desired image. This is somewhat like the interlace-system used in old CRTs, but the control is done pixel-by-pixel.

PMOLEDs are very easy and cheap to build, but they are limited to small sizes (up to 3″, typically). The image displaying is a bit complicated (because of the row/column method). Also the power consumption is not as good as AMOLEDs. […]

[via itechnews]

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