Mouse 2.0: Revolutionary Multi-touch Mouse Prototypes from Microsoft Lab


It’s been a long time since the mouse first introduced as the pointing device and there was not much improvement until today except the shape and feature. However, things has starting to change as Microsoft rolled out 5 revolutionary Mouse prototypes which we should called it the Mouse 2.0 for the future.

These prototypes were a clever stuff. There is no more click buttons to push. In exchange, it’s all about the touch sensitive panels as the main navigator now!

Check out the following video for more detail:


More than 5 shapes of prototype equipped with high-end sensor to tracks fingers movements and touches. The FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) mouse, Orb Mouse, Cap Mouse, Side Mouse and Arty Mouse. All implemented with a new revolutionary technology of multi-touch which highly possible as the future click button replacement. Though there is no news when this prototype will be launched for the end user, but this technology is certainly something that worth the wait!

[via GizMag]

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  • roiji

    technologies implemented are not new and innovative…
    most will injure you because you cannot rest your fingers on the “buttons”
    not very friendly to left-handers… ^^,

    most of them will cause you RSI… the last mouse is the most feasible of all..

    reaching for the monitor is cooler.. but these may be a good step..

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