Mitsubishi Giant Diamond Vision OLED TV with Unlimited Screen Size

Read the title carefully again, Unlimited screen size? Oh, that’s not true isn’t it? Perhaps Mitsubishi is doing a hype-marketing to sell their product, right? Well, that’s not true at all. In fact, this unbelievable ‘Unlimited Screen Size’ is now possible thanks to Mitsubishi researchers who’ve found a way to allow you to have the largest ever screen for either your party or home theater.


In the sample above, that’s the 155-inch screen size made by Mitsubishi for the exhibition. The screen is actually not come in one piece of large OLED display, it’s actually consist of small displays that linked together! Check out the video below for more detail:

So, if you need to expand the screen, you’ll only need to add more of the modular block of display to the existing group in a certain rules. Looks very practical to use and save more money to buy another larger display.

The only downside for this expandable display is the short lifespan. According to Mitsubishi, they estimated the lifespan will be about 20,000 hours only. That’s mean if you are going to get it for home entertainment by considering on the value and efficiency factors, this screen will not fit for your budget. Instead, Diamond Vision OLED TV would be a suitable display for a big event similar to live concerts, stadium, or big scale events.

[via OLED Display]

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