Two Tachyon XC 3D Cameras Equal to One Wall-E?


Fancy of 3D camera? Check out this latest 3D camcorder from Tachyon. Basically, it’s NOT a 3D camera. But thanks to the new developed frame and the newly create bundle (consist of the frame, 3D glasses and software) you pull out a 3D recording from this non-3D camcorder.

So why did I mention about Wall-E? Well, when you’ve fully equipped the frame with two Tachyon XC 3D Camcorders, you will get one black version of Wall-E like device. Check out the picture below for more detail:


See? That’s Wall-E’s face! :)

This 3D camcorder is both waterproof and shockproof. So you are safe to carry it in any type of sports except fire-related one.

Tachyon XC 3D Camcorder looks cool, but it record in 640 x 480 only with one image sensor placed behind a 90-degree wide-angle lens. On the top of the camcorder, you will see one 1-inch LCD to be your notifier on battery life, spaces, and so on. But I’m curious what it will appear when two of them equipped together (in 3D mode).

The price for Tachyon XC 3D camcorder is $380. The price has included two Tachyon XC Camera + the bundle.


[via Engadget]

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  • Thanks for the great post, and when you mention it, it does sort of look like Wall-E!

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