Yamaha 1mm Thin Directional Speakers – Cool!

After the flexible speaker FleXpeaker, once again I’m feeling exciting about how our future home entertainment will be after Yamaha unveils their 1mm thin directional speakers! This speaker is very amazing on the thickness and how it delivers the sound to its hearer.


If you are a non-tech updated person, you might be fooled by the appearance that looks so much like a banner images. But when you stand on the right spot (indicated by the with foot print in the above picture), you will hear a sound played just for you.

No other listener will hear what’s playing without first moving into the zone/space and the sound playback won’t overlap with any other sounds from the surrounding. There was a concept from the past that use the similar technology called Oto-Shigure Umbrella 3D Speaker. A directional speaker that has its own ‘Sound Space’ so you can only hear sounds playback if you snug into the space. You might want to check the illustration on that page.

Clever stuff anyway, let’s hope Yamaha would push this super duper thin directional speaker to the market as soon as possible (so we can make our wall a seamless speaker!). :)

[via UberGizmo]

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