The Touchscreen Rubik’s Cube – Digital Version

Amazing, so now Rubik’s cube has it digital version? Well, yes. The puzzle cube has been transformed into a digital toy with touchscreen and built-in memory. I assume the toy will need a battery to operate and it will turns into a black box when shut down. But it’s kind of unrealistic if you are the oldie-rubik’s puzzle solver because you can twist any block anymore.


This is the touchscreen version of the Rubik’s cube that first challenged puzzle-solvers nearly 30 years ago. Instead of turning each face of the cube to line up colors, modern-day players need only lightly swipe a section of lights with a finger in the same manner as the original.

Touch sensors on all sides detect your finger and a motion detecting accelerometer determines which face is active; the colors change according to the direction of your finger’s swipe. Its built-in memory saves your puzzle so you can pick up where you left off. It can offer hints, or if you are truly exasperated, it can solve itself. The cube recharges in eight hours using its display stand, allowing one hour of play.

The most surprising fact is in the pricing. Believe me, $149.95 for a puzzle toy looks pretty expensive… Well, if you think you can afford it, head on over to Hammacher to get one.

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