Xbox 360 and Wii Gaming Tower to Tidy Up your Gaming Zone

Most of the time, gamers are untidy. The discs scatter around, the controller sunk into the mountain deep game collection, or even worse you can find pizza hidden in the box. :)

Well, it’s a hype but yes I’m also a gamer so I know I’m not a tidy creature. So something like this Gaming tower for my console, games and controller might be able to (somehow) tidying up my gaming zone while keeping me as hygiene as I can! :)


This Gaming Tower is made exclusively for Xbox 360 and Wii console, the tower can hold up to 16 games + boxes, up to 4 controllers, one console and additional guitar controller for playing Guitar Hero game series. But heck this is just a helpful tool and it doesn’t mean it you will be a tidy minded soul after purchasing this $99.99 Gaming tower. It’s still depend on your habit after all…

[Shall we get one? The Xbox 360 and Wii at Amazon]
[via UberReview and Chipchick]

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