Creating LG BL40 – The Eastern Ways


This is probably the best joke I’ve ever watch regarding the method of eastern people mobile phones using acu point needles and kung-fu style sacred skill book and even ginseng is added to make the phone alive.

Check out the following for more detail:

A nice movie clip actually, they did found several similarity in Buddah’s (Should be Buddha?) hand position with the mobile phone technology. But the fact is totally fake. Never believe Eastern people could resurrect or bringing life to an LG BL40 with Ginseng and Needles! :) It’s the biggest joke ever, but it’s nice for watch and relax your mind a bit, especially in the mid-week like Wednesday.

So you know, this post is just for fun. In fact, the video did blew me away for second because I saw something weird but fun to watch… 😉

[via Gadgetvenue]

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