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Swarovski Amazone In-Ear Headphones Necklaces

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Another great fusion between Tech and Fashion has been created by Swarovski the popular crystal maker. This time, they fuse both In-Ear headphone and necklace together using fabric-like cable with steel beaded thread. They call this beautiful TechFashion fusion as the Amazone In-Ear Headphones, that will cost you $80 to get one for your neck.


In-ear headphones with polished stainless steel body and high quality fabric-type cable. Soft and flexible earpiece made of transparent silicone with fully faceted drop-cut Silver Shade crystals on outside. Neck strap, to attach MP3 player, made of polished stainless steel beads.

If you would like to get this double duty gadget + fashion added, head to Swarovski official site for more detail.

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