Philips EmoBowl and EmoBracelet will Track Your Emotion Waves

Philips has once again release a weird gadget that looks pretty cool, unlike their previous Emotion faker shirt that stuffed with wires. This time, Instead of making another gadget to stimulate, Philips head on to the Emotion tracking path to help us noticing how is our true feeling on a certain event. There are two items being introduced, the EmoBowl and EmoBracelet.


Both cannot survive without each other because they are the couple. The EmoBracelet will track your emotion through your blood pulses and translate it into a graphical indicator and the EmoBracelet will send the data to EmoBowl for clearer reflection of your emotions. Sounds cool and the EmoBracelet is actually cool looking when you wear it on your hand. :)

[via TechChee and Coolest Gadgets]

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