Haleron Swordfish Net102 Dual Core Atom Netbook

Haleron has just rolled out the first Netbook with an unique never seen Dual Core Intel Atom 330 processor. This is the first Netbook with such a processor I’ve seen so far and of course the performance will be a lot better than the standard Intel Atom N270/N280 processor. Check out the looks of this news Haleron Swordfish Net102 Netbook:


Looks pretty and it has that ‘Kill-Bill’ color combination. Haleron Swordfish Net102 netbook has a 10.2-inch LCD screen that could display up to 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution, fully equipped with the modern wireless devices such as WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0, you will also get one 1.3MP webcam and one multi-card reader built into the netbook.

Haleron Swordfish Net102 Dual Core Atom Netbook will get 2GB or RAM (slight higher than the standard) and 160GB rotary hard drive (not SSD yet). But you can upgrade it to SSD if you are willing to spend more money than the standard price tag of $499 a pop.

[via Liliputing]

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