Lucifer Cap – Reveal the Dark Side of Yours at Your Party

Lucifer Cap will look exactly like a casual cap at the day time but it will be the hellish looking when you’ve entered to the dark room or disco-hall. According to the seller, this Lucifer Cap is the best cap for DJs. I agree, and it’s also best for creepy person who try to scare their chicks. :)


Perfect for DJs. Devilishly good, the Lucifer Cap is named after the original meaning of the word ‘Lucifer’ as ‘Bringer of Light’ – as that’s something that this headgear certainly does!

The Lucifer Cap features two extra strong LED-lights mounted in its peak. This makes it perfect for DJs, so that they can see what records they’re selecting, whilst also looking great in a dark club.

Anyone that has to work in a dark environment or to be seen whilst out riding a bike or jogging, but needs to be able to see in front of them will also appreciate the extra illumination it offers.


Lucifer Cap Features:

  • Two peakmounted LED-lights with 16,000 microcandela and a lifetime of over 50,000 hours
  • Illuminates up to 10 metres at a 25 degrees angle.
  • LED-lights are turned on and off by a built-in switch on the inside of the cap.
  • Three replaceable batteries (3V, 210 mAh, 3.1g) with a lifetime of approximately 20 hours are included.
  • Made of brushed twill (100% cotton) with suede-look peak.

[Product Page – £19.99]

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