Spring Design’s Android Powered Dual Screen eBook Reader

spring-design-android-powered-dual-screen-ebook-readerInteresting, so finally we can get a dual screen e-book reader that looks much better than Amazon Kindle or Sony Readers. The one announced by Spring Design has two screen, one at the top and one at the bottom. The top one is also an E-ink display while the bottom screen is a colorful 3.5-inch LCD display which allow you to view the embedded images with ease.

Other than the dual screen feature, this Google Android powered e-book reader is also coming with several other notable features such as a speakers system, WiFi or 3G connectivity, and an SD card expansion slot to expand the capacity.

You can use this dual screen ebook reader for browsing the web, viewing images, hear sounds (songs?) making notes and watch video. Pretty like a slim PMP for reading texts. No word on the battery life though, but the enhanced Android OS is optimized to preserve the battery life although it has two screen to run.

No price tag yet, but it will be release on the end of this year.

[Detail on Press Release]

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