Barnes & Noble Nook E-Ink Android e-Book Reader Finally Shown its Face


I’ve been very excited about the leaked images of Nook – Barnes & Noble latest e-ink reader yesterday and today Engadget has reported the official announcement of the real hard product complete with its video (not hands on yet though).

Here is the quick video that you can found at Engadget:

Nook is absolutely sexier than Kindle and the technology found on this new e-ink e-book reader is more in the high-end side. The Nook is not only dual screen, the bottom display is treated with colorful 3.5-inch touchscreen display where you can scroll through the massive library of book when you can actually store up to 17,500 books with the help of 16GB expansion SD card. Damn, I’m sold!


How Kindle is going to match with this release? Although it sounds fun, the name of Barnes & Noble e-ink reader (which is NOOK) did make an immediate impression and a hard-to-forget brand name. Even better, Nook e-book reader is free from the network limitation and you can actually use the Nook to go online to buy some books if your area has 3G or WiFi connectivity. That’s really a nice feature Nook’s got!

Believe me, this is the most advanced e-book reader yet, where Sony Readers and Kindle have to admit their defeat unconditionally. :)

If I have to name the true competitor, Spring Design’s Android Reader might be one!

Well, Nook will cost you $259, you can add more such as film screen protection or additional battery (luckily the battery is removable) for more reading time without recharging.

No news when you can get a hold of this e-book reader, but you can preorder it now at Barnes & Noble.

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