Ben Heck PS3 Slim Laptop Mod

What I need to say again about Ben Heck works?! He is a damn cool guy who have got a genius Modding head. After series of console mods, such as the portable Xbox 360 for example, he has gone through another milestone by creating another super cool console mod for PS3 Slim edition. He called it PS3 Slim Laptop, although it looks bulky and heavy to carry around, it’s still the coolest mod (ever!) for PS3 fans boy.


Ben Heck paired up the PS3 Slim Laptop with Gateway’s 17-inch 1775W display and one PS3 Slim. the chassis is completely self-made, and the space inside the machine is enough to store power cord, front slot loading blu-ray drive, air-ventilation with fans equipped to prevent overheating.

Check out the following video for more detail:

Another Great Job, Ben!

[via Gizmodo, Unplggd and Ubergizmo]

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  • five star

    this is one of the coolest things ive seen can you tell me how to do it or link a site with instructions?

    • Hi There, Nope there is no step-by-step guide to teach you how to make one. Perhaps you should contact Ben at his website. :)

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