Murakami rocking chair is a Kinetic Power Generator

This is the best gadget for countries with regular electricity blackout like mine. It will actually allow me to read my book clearly with the help of a bright reading lamp instead of the short lifespan candle light.

Murakami Rocking Chair will self-powered the lamp that has been installed in the frame by gentle rocking the chair.


Designed by Rochus Jacob, this rocking chair has become another perfect solution for home owner to help prevent global warming. The Murakami rocking chair will generate power through the kinetic energy produced by the gentle rocking motion, and Jacob also used an advanced Nano-Dynamo technology built into the skids of the chair so it can actually self-powering the OLEDs light above the user’s head.


There is also a battery pack stored in the Murakami rocking chair, which means you can rock the chair like crazy in the morning to store up energy, and use it up when the night’s come.

[The Murakami Chair designboom, via Gizmag]

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