ScubaCraft – Perfect Toys for The Scuba Fans [Amphibious Speedboat]


Scubacraft is the new amphibious gadget for the ‘sailor’ men who love to take a dive into the water seeing the aquatic life in there. The Scubacraft can be a stealth vehicle too for the secret agent like 007 because this speedboat (yes, it’s an amphibious speedboat) can dive into the water as deep as 100 feet. Pretty much like a personal mini sized non-oxygen submarine where you should wear your own scuba gears and air-tube to breath in the water.


Meanwhile, it can speeding as fast as 50 miles per hour while on the surface using the high powered jet propulsion system. Here is the detail features on ScubaCraft:

  • Advanced twin tunnel hull
  • Intuitive manual dive controls
  • ADC (Automated Depth control)
  • Surface VHF radio and underwater communications
  • Location equipment: SMB pod, EPIRB and navigation lights
  • Onboard GPS and dive computer
  • Manually activated dive procedure
  • Onboard air supply with reserve
  • Integrated storage and equipment racks
  • Multiple dive capability

The ScubaCraft is priced at £100,000(about $164,000) and above depend on specification you need. If you pre-order one now, the watercraft would be shipped at the end of 2010.

[Product Page via LikeCool]

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  • Amphibious wllz

    This is not an amphibious vehicle. It’s a submersible.

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