10-port USB Hub that Share to Look of Power Strips

10-port-usb-hub10-port USB Hub is not a special gadget anymore after seeing the 16-port and 49-port USB hub. However, this Japanese version of 10-port USB hub is pretty cool looking and looks very familiar with our power strips that lying down there on the floor. It even gets a ON/OFF button that turn the device into the twins of power strips. This is certainly interesting.

The 10-port USB hub will not trying to draw power from a single USB or dual USB port on your PC because the device did come with its own AC adapter to browse power directly from the source.

The downside of this 10-port USB hub should be the space between ports. It should be wider because once you stuffed them full, you’ll have a hard time pulling one port without disturbing others.

Another downside is the ON/OFF button that is a dummy feature I guess. Let’s say I want to turn off my external hard drive to safe energy without turning off webcam. What should I do then? Oh, I should pull the cable, right?

Then? what’s the use of the ON/OFF button after all? :) I guess this gadget is not designed with eco-friendly in mind… plugged gadgets often cause energy leak whether you realize or not.

[4,980 Yen via TechChee]

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