Big Event: Microsoft Windows 7 Official Released!

windows-7-officially-launchedFinally, the long waited OS from Microsoft – the Windows 7 has been official released today. That is a good news for those who have been waiting for it, especially for those who have pre-ordered gadgets/laptop or netbook that will comes with the pre-installed Windows 7.

This October 22nd is also the most busiest day for most of electronic merchants to ship their products because on the current date, bunch of hardware and gadgets are set to ship to consumers’ home front. This include the gadget that we have been mentioned in the past, such as:


Wired Magazine said that Windows 7 is the best OS yet from Microsoft, I should agree with it because it’s pretty like a community built OS because since the first beta launching on January, Windows 7 has benefitted from 8 millions of beta testers! There is no reason for them to performing bad anymore (well, yes shame of Vista!).

The only limitation for now is you would get no support for you who planned to do upgrade from your XP OS to this latest Windows 7 All Edition (Home Premium, Business and Ultimate). You should either buy the new one, or your existing OS is Vista to get the proper support from Microsoft.

P.S. Also check out the funny twisted advertisement as the result of the team up between Microsoft and Burger King Japan. They call it the Windows 7 Whopper – the 7-layered meat burger to stuff your mouth full! [Japan Market Only].

You can read more Windows 7 news updates below:

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