Cruel Ads: Promote Bravia and PS3 by Crashing Them Together

Watch the following video before reading further:

What do you think? Can I actually call it cruel, or it’s a cool video to watch how Sony’s children clashing over each other (Between BRAVIA and PS3, of course) ? Personally, It thinks it’s really a waste! It makes those gadgets look worthless, looks just like a trash that has no value for Sony. :)

Well, it’s the matter of personal judgment. However, the point of this video is to promote the HDTV that will come with FREE 120GB PS3 gaming console. You can claim the free PS3 console if you purchase the certain BRAVIA Model between this October 22nh to December 20nd.


I guess it’s only those who live in Australia will get this deal as the ads were seen on Sony Australia site. You can find the detail at

[via Slipperybrick, Ubergizmo]

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  • Glenn

    Available in the states saw it at wal mart the other day.

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