The Face of Dell Adamo XPS Finally Revealed

Okay, finally I could see the face of the Dell Adamo thanks to PCMag. Well, at first I though Dell Adamo XPS is using some kind of Holographic display because of it’s impossible to stuffed in a display panel in its thickness at just about 0.99 inch only. But I was wrong. There is an actual screen embedded and it’s *really* a thin screen.


Anyway, there was a rumor that Dell Adamo will launch on the same date as Windows 7 that carrying in the price tag of $2000, but it seem it’s just a false rumor. Up to date, Dell haven’t talk much about its availability and price tag. They still keep trying to tease the geeky-minded bloggers and journalists by showing the actually notebook bit by bit, starting from revealing how thin the laptop was.


The most convenient feature that I’ve come to known was the solid aluminum chassis, with the lid getting a heat sensor treatment so you can open up the keyboard just by brushing your fingers across. Clever, I can’t wait to know what is the actual specs for this so called ‘World’s Thinnest Notebook that could Slice Macbook Air into Two‘! :)

[via TechChee]

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