MintRadio: The Unusual FM Radio Concept by Jongchul Kim


Check out this strange and unusual radio concept called MintRadio by Jongchul Kim (obviously, a Korean designer). From the physical views, you will find a white porcelain case with one white button, two holes, 1 LED display, and 4 pendulums hanging in the mid air. The while button is supposed to be the on/off button, the two holes are hosting stereo horn speakers, while the LED display will let you know the frequencies.

The question is, how to switch channel to channel if there is no tuner designed for this purpose? Unlike the Human antenna Carpet Radio where you can step on it to tune the frequency, this MintRadio doesn’t have such a feature. According to JongChul Kim the designer, the pendulums are the channel tuner where you must play with them to tune your channel. Weird, but it’s really an intriguing design that could be sold to the artist who loves unusual stuffs.

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