Underwater Kite – Use Ocean Forces to Generate Energy


We have seen the kite based energy generator back there in 2008 called Laddermill and I thought that is the only way we can use kite to produce green energy. I guess I was wrong because the most recent green energy concept has turned the sky-floating-only kite into an underwater kite where it can generate power from the force of ocean streams and flows instead of air.

The kite is not a normal kite that you can DIY. It’s actually a spin-off design from Swedish military aircraft. The things that produce energy is the deep green underwater turbine installed on the aircraft / kite. According to the claims, this green underwater energy generator can generate up to 18 terawatt/hours of energy annually, which can help up to 4 millions of households living with green energy every year! Oh, that is a nice technology to prevent global warming. Just make sure there is no Shark or whale colony swim across to bring damage to the generator. 😉

[via CleanTechnica]

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