The International Awarded Breathing Sofa is a Shape Shifter


Impressive! A pretty 23-years old Taiwanese girl named Yu Ying Wu has created a so called ‘Breathing sofa’ that could shape shifting according to the user size, and it will bounce back to its original shape when the user get up from the sofa. Apparently, it looks just like a big sponge with a lot of triangle hollows. But that’s the magic of this shape shifting sofa. The design has been recognized and awarded Internationally, beating the hell out of many sofa design from around the world.

Check out the video for more detail (suppose you can understand Chinese :) ):

The strange-looking furniture comprised of foam plastic that compresses “into the shape of an armchair when someone sits in it and spring[s] back into a cube when they stand up.”

[Source via The Cool Gadget]

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